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Denise is proud to have the support of elected officials, community leaders and organizations.

David R. Gilmour, MD

Retired Family Physician, Former Jackson Co. Commissioner

I am supporting Denise Krause since public service is in her soul. She is not seeking the position for personal glory, money or to follow a political agenda. Our citizens deserve to have a Commissioner who is thoughtful, caring and willing to listen to all constituents. Denise would be such a Commissioner.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner

Nominee, Oregon 5th Congressional District

We need leaders who can listen and bridge our divides. Denise is committed to bringing people together to find common ground. She has the expertise to develop solutions that will give Jackson County a bright future. She will be a great county commissioner and I’m happy to support her.

Al Muelhoefer

Former President, Phoenix City Council. Chair Phoenix Urban

Renewal Agency

I urge you to vote for new leadership and new energy in Jackson County. Vote for Denise Krause.

Peter W. Sage

International Entrepreneur, Author, Former Jackson County


Smart. Capable. A breath of fresh air at the courthouse.

Pam Marsh

State Representative

Denise is smart, thoughtful and energetic. She will ensure that the Board of Commissioners works for all Jackson County residents.

Peter Buckley

Former State Representative

Denise is a problem-solver, first and foremost. We need county commissioners who make decisions based on facts, not ideology.

Lanita Witt


Denise Krause has the mental agility and acuity to bring new vision and true leadership to a token institution of position holders whose positions are as drifting as the sand.

Alan R. P. Journet

Cofacilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now

We need Commissioners who will accept reality and base policy on it. Unlike our current Commissioners, Denise Krause would.

Southern Oregon

Central Labor Chapter


Regina Ayars

Engaged Citizen

Denise Krause will WORK  for YOU. She will make Jackson County
WORK for YOU. Denise is WORKING right now to get elected. HIre
her November 8.

Bill Mansfield

Medford attorney

Denise has the intelligence and experience that we need to make good choices for Jackson County.

Leonardo Newmark

Engaged Citizen

Denise offers our county the opportunity to bring an intelligent, innovative voice to a commission that is stuck in "neutral".

Kathy Keesee

Program Director, Unete

My vote is for Denise. She is the best candidate to help make Jackson county a place where all its residents can thrive. Let’s elect a “real” leader for Jackson county. Vote for Demise Krause!

Dagoberto Morales

Director, Unete

Denise Krause will take a common sense approach to leading Jackson county into the future. She’s not about special interests or maintaining the status quo. We need change and she can deliver.

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Denise Krause for Jackson County Commissioner

Endorsement Form

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